Access control systems are designed to keep people, premises and data safe. At their most basic, access control systems ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry to certain areas of a facility. Touchless & Biometric Access Control is the most widely used solution across corporate to restrict unauthorized access. These access control systems on the other hand, rely on unique physical characteristics of each and every authorized user. Access control system is a most modernized management system to ensure effective security and protection for its legitimate users.

These access control systems are guaranteed to improve the security of any facility they are installed in. It prevents unauthorized access into certain restricted areas within your organization with a variety of sensors like proximity, and touch.

The next gen Touchless allows touch free entrance solution. Whole world is focusing on touchless entry to prevent direct contact transmission. The IR Sensor technology activates with the simple wave of a hand while the smart access controls recognises real time human body, face recognition and solution with mask identification techniques for the smart access, security & surveillance.