Smart Switches Solution

Smart Switches – Our smart switches are a convenient tool to control all your switches via a central command center. Turn on/off lights, A/Cs, curtains, and more with the click of a button. Convenient and easy, our smart switches come with a master button to turn on/off all your devices at once. They also allow you to create schedules to automatically execute pre-defined scenes.

Smart lights – Lighting is a vital element of any space. Our smart lighting solutions allow you to control the lights in a room with the touch of a button. Dim the lights or change the colors or temperatures as per your mood. Our lighting solutions help cut down recurring power costs and reduce hassles of monitoring the lights.

Curtain controllers – We are all about convenience, comfort and style. Control your motorized curtains with the click of a button without moving from where you are. Just hold the button for as long as you want the curtains to move and sit back and relax. We make homes as hassle free as they should be.