Enterprise Solutions

Smart office lighting and energy management: Our smart office lighting and energy management systems are ideal for enterprises looking for automated solutions for the management of their space.

Control lighting, air-conditioning, blinds and more with the click of a button through an easy and intuitive interface. Our team starts by doing a recce of the place to come up with a tailor made solution for your needs and budget.


  • Use of energy efficient systems to reduce their electricity bills
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Automated management of A/C, lights, blinds, etc
  • Control systems remotely and easily


  • Day light harvesting
  • Scheduling
  • Occupancy based controls
  • Centralized controls
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automate systems based on the area
  • Automate systems based on time of the day
  • Control lights, temperature, blinds/curtains and more
  • Highly customizable

Conference room automation and management: Why manually make arrangements for a meeting when you can do it with the click of a button? Our intuitive conference room automation and management systems allow you to save time manually turning on the projector, rolling down the drapes, etc so that you can focus on your presentation and leave the labor-intensive, time-consuming tasks to our system. It also comes with the provision to manage conference room bookings conveniently.