Home Theater Solutions

We offer home theatre solutions that are tailor made based on your requirements. Right from planning to procurement, installation and support, we take care of all the aspects to ensure that you get the best movie watching experience at home.

Music is a stress reliever, a source of relaxation and a source of entertainment. We are experts at aesthetically blending your music system into your walls while enabling you to play your music from a central music bank in any room of your space with just one touch on your smart device.


  • Customize and play different music in different rooms
  • Choose to play music in only 1 room or multiple rooms
  • Store your music in a central location
  • Turn on/off, change the song, control the volume with a click
  • Control remotely through smart devices
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with all kinds of speakers, etc
  • Can be integrated with house and light automation
  • Can be managed through an app
  • Play music through cloud or online radio