Home Automation Solutions

We love delighting our customers with innovative and intuitive technologies. Our integrated home automation solutions offer an array of technologies that will help you manage the systems and controls in your house much faster through technology that is automated and integrated with the other systems in your home.

Right from security solutions to music zoning and automation of daily chores, we offer a set of automation solutions that make life simpler at home.


  • Convenience and comfort
  • Control devices and systems remotely
  • Greater safety
  • Cut down power consumption
  • Change lights based on mood through our smart lighting options
  • Easy to use interface


  • Video door bell for indoors and outdoors
  • Digital locks
  • CCTV cameras and sensors for greater protection (motion sensors, glass break sensors, fire sensors, gas leakage sensors, door intrusion sensors and panic button)
  • Remotely control door locks, ACs, lights, curtains and more
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Automate music systems to play music at the click of a button
  • Play different music in different rooms
  • Turn on/off systems together or individually (master on/off)
  • Change the colours, dim the lights
  • Plan automation based on the area and its utility
  • Occupancy based feature
  • Scheduling the turning on/off of lights based on need and time of the day
  • Works for a variety of lighting options including incandescent lights, CFL bulbs, LED lights
  • Comes with a variety of interface options